Thursday, May 22, 2014

Stress and some happies

So I have this job that involves lots and lots of travel. I am usually gone 3 out of the 4 weeks in every month and it is starting to seriously wear on me. When I graduated in December of last year I knew that my schedule would pick up. I knew that I would be busy and gone frequently and yet I was ready for it. I thought it would be no big deal. However, now that Chris and I live together and I am gone so much all I can think about is that I'd rather be at home. I'd rather be training at home, eating healthfully with the food I make and having more than two days to relax and run errands. But as of now, I can't really think of a way to change the amount of travel I'm doing. Summer is our busiest time and my only idea is to make sure my weekends are full of fun things and that I try and find the joy and happiness in my job.
Lauren frequently makes a list of all the happy things going on in her life to help refocus on the good things instead of the things that are not so fun and I LOVE this idea. It totally helps. What are the things happening in your life that are making you happy and keeping you smiling =)? Here are a few of mine:

*a new bikini for a long weekend in San Diego

*long days where the sun is up early in the morning and it stays out for hours in the evening

*REI's anniversary sale

*finding out that one of my best friends is continuing on in school to get her PhD. I can't wait to call her a doctor!

*rocking the Bikini Series and feeling every muscle in my body getting tighter and more toned

*Bavarian cream turnovers from the Panderia in Blythe

*Expecting to fight off mosquitos all night surveying bats and not getting bit ONCE (its the little things people)

*fantastic self-tanner

*long swims in the sun

*a week at home.