Tuesday, April 8, 2014


So, let's discuss March. Because although my last post was written at the very beginning of the month and it SEEMED like everything was going to go along swimmingly it most certainly did not. However, I promise this will not be a giant rant. If there is one thing that tops my list of pet peeves it is constant complaining, no long negative train to hop on here, not at all.

But, back to the joy that was the month of March. Let's start with the fact that I was out of town for work every.single.week. That starts to wear on a person real quick. It wouldn't have been that big of a deal if I wasn't attempting to train for a triathlon OR if I hadn't had several 12-14 hour days followed by less than 6 hours of sleep. To say that I was a little frustrated with my job by the end of the month would be an understatement. Secondly, on the third weekend of the month I crashed on my bike. Not just a little fall, a CRASH. I still have a hematoma in one arm and bruises/scars on my arms and legs. YAY for bikes.

And then to round out the month of fun, I got food poisoning and spent the better part of a weekend being violently ill and losing several pounds. You know, all lots of exciting things. I cannot tell you how excited I was that March was ending and April was soon to be upon us and let me tell you, April has been SO much better!

For example:
-I got to actually train for an entire week and feel slightly less worried that I'm going to die this weekend on the tri course

-I took some "after" pics to see whether I changed at all from the start of training to the end and was pleasantly surprised by a tiny bit of muscle change

-Chris and I moved into a townhouse we are renting and we are LOVING it.

And last but not least, after not riding my bike for upwards of 3 weeks I got back on it and did totally fine. Let's keep up the awesomeness April, I could get used to it.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Color Run 2014

Last weekend we completed another Color Run, also known as "The Happiest 5k on the planet!" Anndd it was awesome. This was my third Color Run and it is a blast every time. This year it was just Chris and I which was a nice change to the giant group we usually have.

This is mostly false lol. I cannot stand running BUT I try, I really try to like it. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Strong. Fit. Powerful.

 Let's talk about triathlons and positive self-talk a bit. Last October I completed my first triathlon after wanting to do one for years and guys, it was incredible. It was hard and easy at the same time. It was fulfilling and addictive. I knew as soon as I crossed the finish line with my knees aching and my side in stitches that I would be doing another one and that the next one would be longer and more difficult. I couldn't have been more excited.

So now I am about a month and 3 weeks away from my second tri and I still deal with moments of doubt. Moments of doubt because I'm not sure I'm going to get my running times down or that my knees are going to give out or that no one is going to show up to cheer me on because they came to the first one and the second is never as exciting as the first. All of those are completely ridiculous reasons to worry about a triathlon. I'm going to do fine, the training is going well and I'm pretty darn sure that I will have at least one super awesome cheerleader (my amazing bf).
And I'm here to let you in on a secret as to how its so easy to brush that stuff off: positive self-talk. A couple weeks ago Chris and I were on a really hard ride (34 miles on the River Mountain Trail) and I caught myself thinking positive affirmations up a hill. Constant brain chatter of "you can do this, you are tough, keep pushing, make it look easy, strong, fit, powerful," and I began to wonder, 'do other people do this? Is this how other people get themselves to finish tough tasks and super hard workouts?" Because this is what I do ALL THE TIME and it helps so much. The title of this post is my workout mantra for 2014. When my runs get hard, the hills on my bike seem impossible and my arms feel like lead in the pool I think, Strong Fit Powerful. And it propels me forward every.single.time. Try it on your next workout =) and let me know how it goes!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Undergrad - Check

Done. I can finally cross "graduate college with a Bachelor of Science" off my life list and I could not be more excited about it. I have been at this college thing for a LONG time. Namely because I changed my major several times and then didn't do so great at a few classes because I love having a life AND being a student. But, all that aside, I'm finally finished and so happy about it. Because what do I get to do now? Bake, cycle, read (ALL THE BOOKS), train, scrapbook, travel and spend more time with the handsome guy that I will have been with for two years next month. 

I've got some exciting things in store but also just routine stuff. I love being full-time at work and I so look forward to the changes ahead. I'll be back soon with updates and catching up but for now, its nice to be back.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Color Me Rad

So although April, Brittany and I all ran in the Color Run earlier this year, another color run came to town this past weekend and we decided we simply could not pass it up. So we barely trained, made a couple tutu's, coordinated our outfits and showed up to run bright and early at 9am (without any coffee mind you). While I thought it was a ton of fun and a great challenge I think I liked the Color Run downtown a little more. I swear the colors were brighter, the course a little more challenging and the finish line: way more of a party than this one was. So that one comes again in February and I think Chris and I will definitely do it. Who can pass up the opportunity to wear a tutu while getting blasted with colored cornstarch?!

April and I, we couldn't find Britt =(
Game face.
April and Mike =)
Booty Bump (My bf looks like a robot)
I am tiny.
Action Shot!! Thank you April for this pic, you rock
Post Race-My bf decided he needed to make a chalk angel.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Valley of Fire

 I love this place. My family used to camp here when I was little and when my parents said they were camping there over Nevada Day weekend, Chris and I jumped at the chance to join them. Both Shelly and Kathy (with their respective husbands) joined us as well (although judging by my pictures you wouldn't be able to tell that). We hiked and hiked and ate some great food and then hiked some more. It was the first time in a long time that I have been active for several days and although my body was a bit sore I couldn't have been happier.

Up-close detail of sand curls
The Family

Fire Wave at noon
Fire wave at sunset
This shot took me a good 10 minutes to get, but it was totally worth it

First hike of the day with Shelly!



I like to pretend like the rock is going to squish me. I will never grow up apparently.

Itty Bitty Chris

Elephant rock

Us :)

Malibu: a very happy pup

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Missing In Action

So I may or may not be back to write on this here blog. See, I have stuff going on in my life that I like to document. I've found that when I'm not writing important life stuff down I tend to take less pictures, write less in my journal and in general, focus less on the things I want to remember several years down the line. So I think I'll be writing on here again. I'm going to shoot for every Saturday or Sunday because I usually have a free hour or two that I can use to write and that way it will keep me on top of life. Hopefully there are still a few people that check this just in case I came back BUT if not, that's ok. I'll have it for me =).
Here is what has been going on with me:

This past summer has been AWESOME. I switched to the wildlife group at work which means I caught a lot of bats, birds and got to see other adorable creatures while getting paid to have fun. It has been one of my best decisions ever. 

Jeff laying around on the job ;), a couple of species of myotis bats and a hoary bat (we never get these guys!)

A spadefoot toad, a pocket gopher that thought he could attack me and a mama spider with lots of babies =/

4th of July! The weather was gorgeous, the fireworks awesome and my sister always looks adorable

I have the cutest cat ever. I adore him. The other two are pretty fun as well.

Long days spent lounging by the pool with a good book at the BF's house

We went to San Diego at the end of August for one last hooray before school started and I LOVED the Scripps Aquarium

I got to see tons of gorgeous sunrises and sunsets this year. You really can never have too many pics of them. 

 School started a few weeks ago and after the initial stress of trying to get into a class crucial to me graduating next semester things have calmed down a bit and I am loving my classes. They are interesting, compelling and a ton of fun. I'm always glad that I have chosen to be a biologist. Besides the ridiculous number of bug bites I got this past summer, it is such an enjoyable job. I really couldn't be happier.