Wednesday, June 17, 2015


WHOLE30 Week 1:
I don’t feel like I write a whole lot on here because I often feel like I don’t really have much new stuff to offer and that I often prefer to read a book or work on wedding stuff than blather on about the workouts I’m doing or the changes I’m making. BUT sometimes, I deem something important enough and I feel like if I DON’T write about it, I’m going to drive all of my friends crazy because I can’t shut up about it…Enter Whole30. As you may know, it’s a lifestyle change not simply a change in diet and as the website and book claim…it will change your life. I could explain exactly what it entails but there are SO many blogs that already do just that. The gist is, eat whole foods for 30 days. See what changes. No sugar, wheat, legumes, dairy but unlimited vegetables, protein, healthy fat and a fair amount of fruit. Chris and I started last Monday on June 8. We are currently on day 10. A recap for the next few days will hopefully come by the end of this week as I should be dealing with a few fun challenges this week!

Day 1:
Breakfast was a frittata, lunch was protein salad and dinner was spaghetti squash with ground beef and tomato sauce. First impressions: oh my goodness, this frittata is wonderful. However, I’m beginning to get a headache and feel a little sluggish already. YAY
Day 2:
Southwest scramble for breakfast, leftovers for lunch and dinner was chicken, roasted veggies and a cabbage slaw. Results: the tiredness, oh the tiredness. That and the dull headache that never went away. But overall, loving all the food. Also, it is not noted in the book but I had some serious bloating Monday and Tuesday. TMI perhaps? My belly just felt like I had eaten wayyy too much salt. Which was not the case. Thankfully, Wednesday things got slightly better.
Day 3:
Southwest scramble for breakfast, protein salad for lunch and a compliant torturous dinner out at California Pizza Kitchen. Results: I got up for an early morning swim with a friend that was a wonderful start to my day! Breakfast was pretty good, nothing too exciting. I was ravenous after swimming and was happily surprised that the eggs held me over for most of the way till lunch. However, I started getting a bit queasy and fatigued towards the end of the day. My lunch was waayyy too creamy and I couldn’t finish it for fear that I was going to end up hurling. Ugh.  Also, the headache got quite a bit worse towards the end of work. I was still able to fit in BBG arms and abs and get ready for dinner in time! I had scoped out the menu at CPK and even called ahead to make sure that what Chris and I were going to order was going to be compliant. The waiter was more than happy to accommodate my request of a salad instead of the succotash that came with my salmon and it was so so nice to see my friends. I really love these girls and their significant others and although my headache worsened into sinus pressure and bizarrely joint pain, it was worth it! Also of note, I say torturous just because it was a pizza place. Chris and I love pizza and here we were, relegated to getting something VERY healthy and perhaps not our first pick. But we made it. Onto day 4!
Day 4:
Southwest scramble again for breakfast, giant green salad for lunch and steak with veggies and sweet potatoes for dinner. Results: breakfast really did not go well. I woke up very dizzy and nauseous and had to force down my eggs. I was STILL feeling pretty awful close to lunch time. I decided to try some lemon ginger tea and I genuinely think that was the only thing to fix my appetite. Lunch was really really good. I switched to a giant green salad with a homemade vinaigrette instead of a mayo based protein and it helped so much. I really should have known that since I had trouble stomaching cream based proteins prior to whole30 that something similar made with fantastic ingredients really wasn’t going change my mind. I had a little trouble finishing ALL of it but got through most of it. Day 4 is also when my headaches finally began to go away (HOORAY)! I was finally feeling mostly better. Some slight stomach issues on this day as well but overall, okay.  

Day 5:
Southwest scramble for breakfast, green salad planned for lunch and taco salad planned for dinner.
Results: WOO! Currently feeling SO much better. The one downside is that Chris seems to have entered where I was on Wednesday and part of Thursday =/. But, we all are on our own timeline and I know that it will get easier for him in the next couple days. While I am kind of over the southwest scramble I’m looking forward to coming up with a few new recipes this weekend for my 4 day work trip next week AND coming up with ways we can treat/reward ourselves for making it through another week that doesn’t involve food. So much of our routine on the weekend involves food. We look forward to brunch at our favorite place every week, we eat out for dinner usually once or twice (possibly every night if I’ve been on travel all week and cannot muster the energy or excitement to cook), and I truly do love to bake. With Whole30, we are changing those habits. We’re going to go see a movie instead, we’re going to look for compliant foods, and we’re going to meal prep successfully so that both Chris and I can have a great week 2.
A few days ago I would have told you that I didn’t think I could do this. I was cranky, annoyed and frustrated with the amount of changes I was trying to make in a short amount of time. Today I can tell you that we are going to do this. It’s not always going to be easy but its only 30 days. You can do anything for 30 days. That and what a gift to be able to complain about eating healthy, mostly organic whole foods for an entire month. How many people get to have that opportunity? Not many, I count myself as very lucky that I get to.
Week 2 Update coming up next!

Also, it should be noted: I really doubt that anyone is going to read through this whole thing. Its a lot of chat about food but I knew that if I didn't write this stuff down that I would forget why I'm doing this and that Chris and I will fall right back into our old habits when we finish this. We do not plan to do this. Hence, the lengthiness.