Thursday, August 18, 2016

August update

Well, once a month updates aren't bad, right?! I have no clue what week I am on for training just that vacay number one is up next week and then the week after that is peak week. The week I've affectionately thought of as "throw everything you possibly could at your body and see how it goes," which should be fun [insert wide eyed emoji].

Life on the whole has been really good these days. I had a solid two weeks in the office/at home which does wonders for my mental health (even if I go a little nuts being in the office), I spent a weekend in Phoenix with my best friend and her new baby and it was so much fun to hang out, catch up, cuddle that little babe and get to run somewhere new. I spent another weekend in Oceanside with ALL of my sisters and it was a blast. So much good food, a little time spent at the beach and lots of laughs. I can't wait until Shelly moves back to Vegas so we can hang out more often. And training, training is going well. I'm dealing with a small setback of peroneal tendinitis (again) but I've got a plan of attack and the pain isn't so bad that I can't train.

Now for photos!

This was a 40 (technically 42) mile ride. It was HOT and so so smokey but I remember it going really well despite those conditions. Chris had a bit of a tough time but I'm just so grateful that he's been willing to do so many of my long bikes with me. They are a challenge and they are always made better with him. 

8 solo miles and it was kind of lovely. My goal on long runs is always to negative split, however, this doesn't always happen (heck, it almost never happens). I did make it happen on this run though and it was so exciting! I was able to keep my average under 10min/mi and really pushed to hit a 9:30-8:30 pace on that last mile. I may have overheated a tiny bit hence the sitting selfie but it was a good one.

Swimming with Kristen! I am so so grateful for this wonderful girl. She is always up to join me for an early morning swim and I love the company. She got to use fins on the 300s we did because...300 hard is really freaking hard. 

Another group of incredible ladies! I try my very best to make as many group rides and group runs as possible because so much of my training is alone (something I'm still trying to find enjoyment in). This week was hard efforts for a 1/2mi, easy-ish 1/4mi then hard again for another 1/2mi and 1mi cool down 5 times through. The first time I rode with this group I had a hard time keeping up with everyone. I was perfectly fine with being at the back of the pack but took it as a bit of a challenge to be better the next time I showed up to ride. Well, what do ya know, I was able to keep up and even pass a couple ladies this time around and it was a pretty good feeling ;). Just a few words about the increase in strength and speed...HILL REPEATS ARE EVERYTHING. Seriously, if you want to kick things into high gear you need to be doing hill repeats. I am getting so much better because of them.

A beautiful sunrise on my 6 mile run in Phoenix. It was humid from the storm we had the night before but it was just so beautiful. I came upon an intersection around mile two and there was a woodpecker singing on every corner. It was such a fun experience. I cannot wait till I can visit again and Niki is back to running so that we can enjoy these views together!

Obligatory photo of me with the new mama and baby :) Reagan is just perfection and I was so happy to help Niki with anything she needed for the weekend. She is killing this mama thing!

Shopping in Encinitas! Super gorgeous city and perfect weather all weekend!

 Hanging out at the San Diego botanical garden. So gorgeous. It overlooks the ocean in parts of it and there were too many plants I loved.

My goal of this trip was to take lots and lots of group shots because I just don't have enough of me and my sisters. I think we accomplished it! This was in the bamboo garden part of the botanical garden. I had no idea there were so many species!

This took like five tries to get and we got A LOT of laughs and looks from other beach goers...all totally worth it. I cannot wait to print and frame some of these in the new house! 

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