Thursday, August 14, 2014

August and Training

The month of August is finally here! It feels like my summer has been one blur of non-stop traveling for work and for fun. I had a full week in town towards the end of July and took full advantage of it by trying a new workout class, meeting with my trainer to get my half-marathon schedule figured out and getting plenty of time at home to hang out with my handsome boyfriend. 

This month is easily one of my favorites because the summer heat starts to wane just a bit, its normally back-to-school time and we get to take a week-long vacation to San Diego. We leave for San Diego this Saturday and oh my goodness, I am excited. We've got rides planned, there are sunsets to be watched and there will be dinner at our favorite italian place. 

Up in that picture you'll notice that I have half-marathon training written down. Now, to be clear, when I finished my olympic distance tri in April I made a huge fuss about the fact that I NEVER wanted to do anything close to that distance ever again. That tri was difficult and painful and it still sucks to recall it and yet I am here to say, never say never. You will eat your words. Despite all the signs my body gives me that it doesn't like distance anything, I am attempting to run a half-marathon on October 25th. A day that is near and dear to me because it was my first tri. And that tri was wonderful. I am so excited to be training for a new distance and to be "competing" in another all-girl event. My friend Niki signed up to do it as well and she is totally rocking her training thus far. While I was rocking my first week, my shins decided to keel over on my run this past Monday and I am now nursing shin splints. BUT after a couple days of rest and icing, I think I can be back in the game tomorrow with a 4-5 mile run. And if that goes well I will plan on my long run on Sunday in sunny SD. 

Life is good these days. I am busy, I am fitting in my training and I am over the moon about a week away from work. 

How is your August faring thus far??

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