Thursday, February 12, 2015


The next order of business on getting this ole' blog up to speed is telling you a little bit about us getting engaged! This first picture was about a couple weeks before Christmas and as Chris described it, "everyone knew that I was about to propose besides you!" lol so kind of him. He proposed on Christmas morning after we had already opened our presents and I swear to you, I was ecstatic already over everything he had gotten me. I was pretty sure he was planning on proposing that morning so when we had finished all the presents and he hadn't, I just figured I was wrong. Well, then he went messing around with something in the garage, came back inside, got down on one knee and of course I said yes! It was perfect. I've mentioned this story to a few people and several people have asked "well, was there family there?" and my response is always, 'oh my gosh no, thank goodness, that would have been so awkward.' It is such  a personal moment! To have to share that with family and not be 100% genuine in the moment would just not have been okay and thankfully Chris was fully aware of that.

 The next day we went to the Children's Museum in Vegas and found this AWESOME life size lite brite that my niece and Chris got creative with. It made for such a cute photo!
 And then of course, we celebrated the next day with brunch at our favorite place. Oh how we wish we could get this place to cater our brunch wedding. We're here every weekend! Also, Chris does not look enthused because I'm taking his picture before 11am on a Sunday. I promise, he was happy.
 Lastly, the obligatory ring picture. Because I seriously LOVE it. I actually wear a different (cheaper) ring while I'm on travel and I kind of miss my normal one while I'm gone. Its a little fun to get home from work all week and get to put that one on again. I absolutely adore it.

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