Tuesday, April 8, 2014


So, let's discuss March. Because although my last post was written at the very beginning of the month and it SEEMED like everything was going to go along swimmingly it most certainly did not. However, I promise this will not be a giant rant. If there is one thing that tops my list of pet peeves it is constant complaining, no long negative train to hop on here, not at all.

But, back to the joy that was the month of March. Let's start with the fact that I was out of town for work every.single.week. That starts to wear on a person real quick. It wouldn't have been that big of a deal if I wasn't attempting to train for a triathlon OR if I hadn't had several 12-14 hour days followed by less than 6 hours of sleep. To say that I was a little frustrated with my job by the end of the month would be an understatement. Secondly, on the third weekend of the month I crashed on my bike. Not just a little fall, a CRASH. I still have a hematoma in one arm and bruises/scars on my arms and legs. YAY for bikes.

And then to round out the month of fun, I got food poisoning and spent the better part of a weekend being violently ill and losing several pounds. You know, all lots of exciting things. I cannot tell you how excited I was that March was ending and April was soon to be upon us and let me tell you, April has been SO much better!

For example:
-I got to actually train for an entire week and feel slightly less worried that I'm going to die this weekend on the tri course

-I took some "after" pics to see whether I changed at all from the start of training to the end and was pleasantly surprised by a tiny bit of muscle change

-Chris and I moved into a townhouse we are renting and we are LOVING it.

And last but not least, after not riding my bike for upwards of 3 weeks I got back on it and did totally fine. Let's keep up the awesomeness April, I could get used to it.

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