Friday, April 25, 2014

The Happies

When you have a rough week I think one of the easiest ways to turn your attitude around is to make a quick list of all the simple (or not so simple) things that make you happy. Here is my list for the week:

-Setting up an appointment for a couple new tattoos next week(!)

-Coming home to a clean and organized house (because I have the world's best boyfriend)

-beef flautas from a tiny Mexican place on the river 

-summery nails

-a fresh hair trim

-sleeping wonderfully in hotel beds

-getting my tan back

-a happy, better adjusted cat

-finishing a good book and immediately starting on the next one

-warm, spring weather

-Easter dresses

-gopher snakes on the trail

-getting to watch one of the world triathlon championship races

What are your happies?? I know Lauren got a new job and I have a good friend racing in her first olympic tri this weekend! Good Luck Erin!!

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